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The Denver Fibro Clinic - A Fibromyalgia Clinic for Today

Hello, Welcome to the Denver Fibro Clinic. We're a fibromyalgia clinic nestled here in the Mile High City, serving those in the Greater Denver Area with fibromyalgia needs.


What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is usually characterized by near universal joint pain, fatigue, memory, sleep and mood issues. While there is no pinpointed cause for fibromyalgia, it has been linked to physical trauma, infection, surgery and psychological stresses.

Fibromyalgia pain is more likely to strike in women than in men, the reason why is, like a lot of things about fibromyalgia, still under investigation. It wasn't so long ago that many sufferers of fibromyalgia pain were told they weren't sick, that it was all in their head. Today, we know better.

Fibromyalgia Management

At the Denver Fibro Clinic, we are a fibromyalgia clinic that cares about fibromyalgia pain, the pain caused by the disease known for it'''s exhausting and debilitating effects on the body. While the causes of fibromyalgia are not certain as of this writing, we are able to treat its symptoms through a program of fibromyalgia management, a course that helps build strength and works to provide fibromyalgia relief.

When you first come in the doors of the Denver Fibro Clinic, you'll be greeted by our professional staff. Your condition will be evaluated by our doctors trained in our system of fibromyalgia management. We will ask you questions about you're medical history and examine your records, to see what treatments you've had in the past and what medications have been prescribed in past. This is important, for if we have to prescribe medications as part of your treatment, we want to make sure there won't be any reactions to something taken in the past that may still be in your system.

After your condition has been evaluated and the severity of your fibromyalgia has been diagnosed, We will sit down with you to discuss your options. At the Fibro Clinic, we want to make sure you understand all options available to you in our, and your, fibromyalgia management plan.We want to get your pain under control as quickly and safely as possible, get you feeling as close to your old self, or better, as much as we can. We know you have a life to live, and we want to get you back to living it as soon as possible.

Fibromyalgia Relief

At the Denver Fibro Clinic, our plan for the relief of fibromyalgia pain involves the teaching of relaxation techniques, exercise plans, mild to stronger medications (depending on the case and tolerance of the patient) and stress reduction. We detail this on our 'Fibromyalgia Treatment' page. We can't offer you a cure for fibromyalgia cure, no legitimate doctor can at this time but we can lessen the pain and help bring you fibromyalgia relief.

By treating and lessening the fibromyalgia symptoms, we hope to lessen the hold fibromyalgia has over your everyday life. By following our treatment plan, we believe we can do just that.

Your First Visit
We welcome your first visit to the Denver Fibro Clinic. Whether you want to consult us or are just visiting the clinic to get a better idea of our facility, we want to to feel comfortable. On your first visit for an evaluation, we'll need your medical records for the doctors you've previously consulted, also a list of medication prescribed if not provided by your doctor. Before your visit, let us know if you'll need help in getting to and from the facility, as we do offer a pick up service for those in the Denver area.

To set up an appointment for an evaluation, or to tour our facilities, or to subscribe to our clinic newsletter, please see our contact us page.


Thank you Denver Fibro Clinic! My pain was getting nearly unbearable. I've had fibromyalgia for four years, but only after two years was it actually diagnosed but your staff at the clinic. I'd been so many places and saw a lot of doctors, but you were the first to give me the correct diagnosis and the help, that I needed. The pain is nearly gone and with your pain management I've been able to keep it down.
Nancy C. Littleton CO

The Denver Fibro Clinic has been a great, great help not only to me, but to my family after my diagnosis. They were able to treat me and get me counseling, and help my family understand just what was happening to me. We were able to set up a management plan and it's really helped to keep the pain in check. Now my husband and I take daily walks, and my kids make sure I say on the plan. It's really brought us all closer together.
Carrie N. Greenwood Village, CO

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